Gateway Unlimited Living is a state-licensed 245D HCBS provider of programs that focus on supporting individuals with disabilities. such disabilities often hinder them from living independently, or functioning congruently with other members of the household.

These programs are-funded by the Minnesota Department of Human Services with the aim of reducing cases of institutionalization. Gateway Unlimited Living offers services which enable individuals to cope with their disabilities while receiving support geared towards improving their quality of life. With these services, individuals are able to live in their own homes without compromising their health and the safety of the people living with them.

Gateway team provides quality services and supportive programs through: 

Please find time to visit pages of the listed services link above. If you have any questions about your program options, or if you are a social worker/case manager seeking for services for your client in any of our programs, please feel free to call us at 612-443-0065 or email at [email protected]

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