Residential Support Services

Residential Support Services

There are cases when a person’s disability will hamper him or her from living independently at home. Often, the responsibility of care-giving falls on family members – however, if there was a way to help your loved one to gain self-care skills, would you take such opportunity?

A lot of times, family members are not aware that such program exists and it is funded by the government under the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Further information can be obtained at, or by contacting your case manager/county of residence.

At Gateway Unlimited Living, we also provide Residential Support Services that enable the individual to choose from a short-term to long-term residential living. Individuals live with others in our Adult Foster Care home, learning independent living skills which prepare them further for transitioning into their own personal housing/apartments, or reintegrating with their families. 

Residential Support Services include the following service areas:

  • Adult Foster Care Services
  • Supported Living Services

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